Rhubarb ketchup and other recipes.

My stove at 8:30 this morning.

It’s rhubarb time and I have been bit by the canning bug for another year running. As always, I don’t do things in half measures and if I’m going to get all that boiling water going in the canner I want more than 3 jars at the end of it…. so this morning I am trying three new recipes:

So far I can report that 1) the marmalade looks stunning and 2) the ketchup tastes like store-ketchup. Since I just threw the onions into the cast-iron pan, I have nothing to say about that recipe at the moment except that I’m excited by the concept of having canned caramelized onions around as a condiment.

I still have a boatload of rhubarb coming in out back (and there will be another crop by fall), so besides a rhubarb chutney/victoria sauce I plan to make at the end of the summer, I think this year might also yield a rhubarb liqueur.

Also mentioning that I made this rhubarb cake yesterday and it went down very well among my visiting lady-friends.


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