THe Urban Crow: Before and After

After a period of particularly hard work, it’s important for me to step back and acknowledge that in just three years, we have done a hell of a lot of work to our home and garden. Here are some before and after pictures of the new paint job and front fence, but first for comparison –  this is what the house looked like when we bought it three years ago:

And now!

And just for fun – how about the backyard before and after?



4 Comments on “THe Urban Crow: Before and After

    • Thanks! And yes, for someone as house proud as me, it’s incredibly gratifying. I know that owning a house isn’t for everyone – but I love the ability to make these kinds of changes to our living space 🙂

  1. Very sharp eye on the colour change, really like the contrast between the main colour and the trim.

  2. Love love love that red color. I wanted to also paint my house red because I think it adds so much character to the place but in the end I was a scaredy cat and kept the same old olive green color. it looks okay but not as exciting as red

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