About me

Hello and welcome!

Hello spring!

My name is Megan (the easiest way to spell that name – no unexpected h’s), and I am middle-aged at this time of writing. Forty-six this year. I am eleven years with my partner Brian, and have a step-daughter who is now twenty-one years old (and awesome).

For a many years we all lived in East Vancouver, BC in a house we called the Urban Crow Bungalow. That house was home to many fine parties, salons, and social events – plus the birth of our band Lone Crow Jubilee (now defunct).

A couple of years ago, Brian and I realized that with our daughter out of the house, we had a bit more flexibility in our living situation.  That’s when we bought our house on Gabriola Island which we named Birdsong. Like our last house, this is also a place of parties, house concerts, and other social events. Hosting is something we do well together.

Brian travels for work into Vancouver three days per week, and I now work from home full time as a web developer and project manager. Being apart frequently has its challenges, but the space also gives us both time to pursue different friendships and activities. When he is in the city, I spend pretty much all my time in my sewing/weaving studio.

I have blogged here as Red Cedar since 2004, and before that on Livejournal for a couple of years (those archives have gone into the ether) – and over those 15+ years my interests have changed quite a lot. The things I currently write about include sewing, knitting, weaving, crochet, writing, reading, canning, cooking, community politics and zen meditation. Over the years I have also posted quite a lot about mental health, music, liberal studies grad school, homesteading and gardening, environmental politics, philosophy, urban living and cycling.

Basically, whatever I do, I also write about – and even though I’m not sure how interesting that is to others – this blog is a long ingrained habit.

I welcome comments and connections via the blog interface, or email and can be reached at Megan dot e dot adam *at* gmail.com.

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