Writer. Maker. Musician.

Hello and welcome!

My name is Megan Adam. I’m a professional communicator and president of my union local by day. In my free time I am active in community, craft, music, and creating a home with my partner Brian on Gabriola Island in British Columbia. 

I have blogged here as Red Cedar since 2004, and before that on Livejournal for a couple of years (those archives have gone into the ether) Over those last 18+ years my interests have changed quite a lot.

Subjects I write about these days include weaving, violin-playing, sewing, knitting, power-lifting, books, canning and cooking, community politics and Zen Buddhism. Over the years I have also written about mental health, homesteading and gardening, environmental politics, philosophy, urban living and cycling. Whatever I do, I also write about.

I welcome comments and connections via the blog interface, or email and can be reached at Megan dot e dot adam *at* gmail.com and all my projects are found at All Things Megan Adam.

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