A new jacket and inspirations…..

As I just posted on Facebook – I don’t normally get in on the selfie action but I really did want to share my new rain jacket – bought by my Mom in honour of my birthday – and worn today with my favourite red-roses dress in keeping with Valentine’s day. Both the jacket and the dress are locally made – the outerwear by Faye Tality Couture and the dress by me for last Valentine’s.

I haven’t been making any clothes lately – but this weekend I will be finishing off some pillow-cases to go with my just-finished quilt and there will be photos to share finally. I’m also considering making a 15 x 15 throw pillow with the remainder of the scraps using Elizabeth Hartman’s Stamp Collection block tutorial. There is something so ridiculous about a square made up of a hundred tiny squares…… but this method using interfacing seems so do-able and attempting it on a pillow (rather than planning a whole quilt) seems like the best place to start.

Also in the hopper is a plan for me to finish the ugliest quilt ever started – which I tried to dig out of the closet this morning but decided against since extracting it involves moving a bunch of things around and I didn’t have time to get into that mess. This is another project for the weekend and I will take pictures once I get it out and appraise whether it is worthy of finishing.

I’ve been feeling a bit quilt-mad lately which is interesting – and have been devouring all sorts of books on both modern and historical quilting. Just yesterday I downloaded 25 Ways to Sew Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes & Charm Packs: Modern Quilts from Contemporary Pre-cuts by Brioni Greenberg and it is without a doubt once of the nicest modern quilting books I’ve seen lately. I bought the Kindle version since these days I prefer to keep all my sewing, crocheting, crafty books on my computer – so I don’t know what it’s like in print – but I am super inspired by her quilt designs and can hardly wait to make a couple of them.

Also, I was looking at some photos of Dear Jane quilts and feeling the lure of the sampler – something I have never done before but always wanted to. I’m thinking I might join in on the Aurifil Block-A-Month for 2014 since it’s a free quilt-along and the two blocks so far are appealing to me. Also I have a bunch of odd pieces of Kona Snow leftover from a couple of projects and some blocks with many small pieces would help me use them up.

So at the moment my project list looks like this:

  • Finish pillow shams
  • Cooper Bag for me
  • Figure out what to do with the ugliest quilt ever
  • Cooper Backpack for summer
  • Stamp Collection pillow
  • Finish red cardigan started last February (one more sleeve to go)
  • Jan/Feb Blocks from Aurifil patterns
  • Picnic quilt (this is another project started and never finished that clutters up my sewing closet)
  • Contraflow from the above book (my reward for finishing all the WIPs is that I get to make something entirely new with entirely new fabric)
  • Patchwork bathmat
  • Cotton crochet pullover (for the trip to Hawaii)
  • Woodland Cape (I have this amazing vintage blue wool fabric and this is what I want to make with it)

As you can see, the list of things I want to do kindof goes on and on. And it changes all the time too. This weekend I am going to finish the pillow shams and then start my Cooper Bag which is already cut out. Then we’ll see what happens next.

Happy Love Day everyone!

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