First finish of February – Horses!

This was actually supposed to be finished in January in time for my niece Grace’s birthday, but because I was ill and my trip to Victoria got postponed – the whole thing got pushed into the first week of February.

For this project I used a template by Ann Wood – first sewing fabric onto card stock printed with the horses on the back, and then cutting the horses out and gluing them together. After putting down the background fabric on a cheap canvas, I glued the horses on top and then glued on their buttons (sewing through layers of cardboard and fabric was going to take too long and leave me frustrated, so I opted for lots of white glue).  Everything was mod-podged about four times afterwards to get rid of the uneven surface and it turned out quite nicely (this picture makes everything look a bit orange).

I didn’t get a picture of Grace receiving the picture last weekend, but she did point at several of the horses one after another – taking them in – which I hope she will continue to do over the next few years as this picture hangs on her bedroom wall. This was a fun project – there’s something so lovely about the prancing horses and I’m glad I have a two year old in my life to make such fancies for.

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