Design Notebook: First-ever sweater!

After my first successful capelet completed this summer (which I finally got to wear last Friday and I am bonafide in love with) I have decided to go all the way and crochet my first-ever sweater! Interweave Fall 2012  has a lovely colourwork pattern that looks like a good first sweater project (difficulty level of 2). I couldn’t really afford to do it in their suggested yarn, so instead I ordered a silk/wool combo from Knitpicks. Very similar to the yarn I used for the capelet. Also, I adapted the colourway to include my favourites since I couldn’t get exactly the colours shown below.

So! This sweater and the colours as shown below – of course I can’t start untill I get some more gifts completed, but at least I’ll have all my materials once I’m ready to go and I’m quite excited about it 🙂

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