Cape-let (sans hood).

One of the many great things about our recent vacation was that it involved a lot of sitting around on the beach and by the campfire. Which gave me a chance to finish crocheting this wool-silk-bamboo capelet for fall wear. Originally designed to have a hood, I didn’t like the way it looked and so I left the hood-piece as a large collar, finishing it with some turquoise edging and buttons to give it definition. As much as I think that ponchos and capes “make me look fat” I am in love with this warm top-layer and hope to give it lots of use in the fall. It is so warm! It still needs washing and blocking, but I won’t get to that for at least a week, and I wanted to share anyway.

This piece marks a major achievement in crochet for me: 1) I managed to follow a (strangely-written) pattern (with help from someone on Ravelry) 2) I made more than a scarf – this piece involved some actual shaping in the form of decreases and 3) I managed to complete this whole piece with only one missed stitch (which I corrected as soon as I found it). My goal for the winter is a sweater, and this was my “working up to it” piece. Very happy with how it turned out!

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