Wednesday’s best intentions.

I came to work with the best intentions to get a certain task done, but somehow my day (so far) has been mostly used up with union matters. This is all fine, because I enjoy both sides of what I do here, but it’s become a frequent occurrence lately – and the situations I am asked to help with are getting more difficult.

Fortunately, I am also finding that the skills I’ve been working on via the Justice Institute Mediation program are definitely paying off, and I think I am increasingly able to bring a more measured approach to some of the really difficult cases I get involved in. Plus, I have so much stuff to practice! More than anything I feel that after ten years of being a union steward, it’s something I’m pretty good at, and I’m glad I’ve had this opportunity to be an advocate for some really great people because it continues to teach me a lot about myself.

Now, on the other hand, crochet is a brand new skill (like my segue?)  and I’m just at the start of that learning curve – but look at the photo above! Totally in love with these new fingerless gloves made out of self-striping sock yarn – even if they are not quite a matched pair. (No one will notice once they are on).

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