Stay with me, my darling beet!

Dear Brian (an open letter):

I’m just going to come right out and say it: you have made the last five years of my life more incredible than I ever thought it could be. For real. It’s been amazing. And I’m hopeful the next five years is going to bring more of the same love, fun and adventure we have so far proven we’re capable of. We’re on the right track after all, with our intention and positivity guiding us every step of the way.

Because I do think that optimistic intention is the reason we have been successful thus far –  the fact we allowed ourselves to fall giddily for one another, the fact we willingly exposed  the vulnerable silly parts of our beings and stepped out precariously with hopes that our quirks matched up enough to smooth the path ahead. For two people in their mid-thirties (each with a failed marriage behind them) to believe a life with someone else was not only possible but desirable was risky! And I seem to recall that for the first several months we each hedged around the idea of a future together before we could finally admit how much we wanted one.

So here we are. Five years from the day we met, two years from the day we married*, living in a little bungalow in East Vancouver and continuing each day a little further together. Our routines are well-established, those patterns we have selected to groove into our days are a balance of the mundane and the beautiful. That which keeps us going coupled with the deeper nourishment of a shared life – I think we’ve got it going on. And yet still we manage to have new adventures all the time – plans, idea, projects, discoveries! Just when things start to get a little too routine, we take a side trip down a logging road and a whole new landscape for exploration emerges. (And when we first met you told me you were boring. Liar!)

This is a public letter and so I worry some about being *too* mushy (because bleh, who wants to see love in this cynical world of ours) – but for the record I want everyone to know that I love you for your kindness, integrity, intelligence, lovingness, commitment to parenting, sexiness, creativity and willingness to express yourself. I love you for bringing me coffee in the morning, and helping me move heavy stuff in the garden, for trusting me when I say “let’s climb this fence and see what’s on the other side”, for sharing bedtime stories with me, and because you are not afraid to love me fiercely in return. I love you because together we are creating a beautiful life, and because waking up beside you every morning is a privilege that never ceases to impress my heart.

I love you, because I do. Very much. Forever.

So hooray for our first milestone. Five years! I only wish I had met you earlier so we were further along in this thing we are doing together.

Stay with me, my darling beet! We have such an amazing future ahead of us.


* Our anniversary is actually Sunday – as in, we celebrate our anniversary the last Sunday of September no matter what the date. We met at 4 pm on the last Sunday of September five years ago and were were married at 4 pm on the last Sunday of September two years ago. Just for the record.

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