Jupe avec des vélos

image This is really not the greatest shot of this finished skirt – taken this morning before I left for work in our very dimly-lit living room….. but you get the basic idea. A new skirt, made from two tones of linen-blend with four appliqued bicycles on the front. Pretty cool, yes?

The pattern for the skirt came from Sew Serendipity which is full of cute ideas, and instead of using the embellishment suggested I just found a bicycle outline on the Internet and turned it into some complementary. Strangely enough, I have no purple in my stash and would have been totally out of luck had I not recently ordered one of the scrap packs from Hawthorne Threads. That had two purplish pieces in it which made awesome bicycles.

Here is a close-up (and way better photo) of one of the appliques. Originally I was just going to use two on the skirt, but it looked odd so I put two more on last night.

So for the clothing count: I have now completed 2 skirts and one dress. I have one skirt needing only hemming to be complete and another one cut out and ready to be sewn (same style as this one but in one colour of linen). Hopefully this week I’ll get those other two skirts done and then I can move onto the red linen-look jumper that I’m dying to make for fall!

5 Comments on “Jupe avec des vélos

  1. Brilliant! I have been mulling over a skirt design that’s similar, with a wide contrasting band around the bottom. Looks good! I also love the bicycles. The world needs more bicycles, even on clothing! How exactly did you do the applique? Just cut & sew on, or did you use an iron-on adhesive?

  2. Hey Lisa…. I’ve got the pattern pieces for it if you want to trace them 🙂

    The applique was done using double-sided heat-fusible interfacing. That way I didn’t have to worry so much about how close the stitching was to the edges etc. I’ve never used it before but found it remarkably easier than appliquing without (which I’ve done in the past).

    • Ooh, I might… I’d love to make some bike stuff for Sprout & me. Where did you get the fusible interfacing? I looked last time I was in Dressew, but didn’t find it…

      • DressSew has it – above the interfacing there are two boxes which contain rolls of the stuff. The rolls aren’t wide (14 inches) and the stuff is a bit pricey – $8 per metre – but you obviously don’t need much per applique. It took me awhile to figure out what was what – but that’s where it is at DressSew.

  3. I don’t even wear skirts (ironically because they are hard to cycle in!) but I am envious of this one. That is a cute pattern and some solid stitchwork! It looks so well-made.

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