I seem to be gravitating back towards this blog and away from regular posting on the other one – reflecting my disenchantment with gardening in the rainiest, coolest summer *ever* on the coast. I’m crossing my fingers that is going to change this weekend – but really – it’s almost July and we had hail just a few days ago!

In any case I am wondering about the utility of having many blogs and whether or not with the advent of grad school this fall, I should just roll everything back into one. We’ll see how it goes this summer – but I may end up merging Among the Weeds here in the fall since I’m not sure why the delineation anymore.

I will be adding a new feature category here called “Required Readings” as part of my uni requirement to keep a reading journal for my first year of classes. There is a shit-ton of reading to do, and I am hoping to do some creative non-fiction sketches as well as post general impressions and notes that may help me later if I choose to finish with a thesis project rather than coursework. At the moment I’m thinking along the lines of a book of creative non-fiction essays exploring themes of social and ecological collapse, personal transcendence, and the messiness of it all. If that sounds familiar, it’s because I’ve been talking about writing a similar project for years. I’m hoping this degree gives me a bit more impetus to do it. (Plus one of my profs has environmental philosophy as his core research interest, and another old prof of mine at the university is working on a new book dealing with the environment – so I’m in a place of good guidance for such a project).

We’ll see. It means redisciplining myself around reading and writing and making time by giving up other things (after this garden tour – I am done with community organizing for a good long time!). Having weekly classes as a focal point should help somewhat, but I’m also trying to kick down to a four-day work week starting in the fall. That’s going to come down to affordability in the end – but I’m also recommitting to spending less money in order to do it.

Rebalancing. That’s what I’m thinking about at the moment. Retracting in order to turn and point myself in a different direction.

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