Post #3248: Fridays in Summertime

Working Fridays in the summertime should be optional really. It’s so hard to care about spreadsheets and data analysis when I’m looking out the window at the sun glinting off the ocean. My peek-a-boo view is enough to make me want to retire early and get on with a swim (though it’s a little windy at the moment).

Today marks the very end of the hiring process I started last September, with the final person from the process starting their job today (start was delayed due to a lapsed security clearance that needed redoing). Ten months is light speed where these things are concerned – but even so, I’m glad that it’s all wrapped up now. I’m onto other projects, which are pretty nerdy (user feedback, surveys, user data, interaction modeling) and focused on creating a continuous improvement cycle for our website. It’s pretty important work, but I’m having a hard time getting excited about it because I’ve been down this road before and disappointed by a lack of digital maturity in my organization time and time again.

As I noted yesterday, things have been pretty quiet around here most of the week with Brian in the city and the small family away. It gave me a chance to relax into my studio work and catch up on my sleep. I even took a couple of days off weight workouts to give my body some deep rest which felt necessary. I did get back to the weights yesterday though because the longer I stay away, the more arthritis creeps in. The only thing keeping aches and pains away is a regular workout routine, so as much as I would love to skip it many days, it’s really not in my best interest to do so at this stage of my life.

In the last couple of weeks we’ve managed to visit family for the first time in months. Everyone in our lives is at least one vaccination in (some have had both shots now), which has relaxed interactions all round. After such a quiet winter and spring, it’s more than a little welcome. Last Sunday we saw Brian’s family (and meet the newest addition who is only 7 weeks old), the weekend before it was mine. I’m looking forward to more regular visits with our families over the next little while.

We’re hosting our first house concert at Birdsong next weekend – which is now allowed under the provincial guidelines of 50 people outdoors. We won’t have had our second shot by then, but with good practices and distancing, I’m not too worried about covid exposure. Our second shot is coming up at the end of the month, which I’ve allowed some recovery time from before we host our next concert in July (I’ve heard the second shot can be a real doozy).

As of yesterday’s post, I have finished tying up the 20+ system on my loom and now it is ready to have a warp put on. At the moment I am warping one of the other looms, so I won’t be getting to this right away, but I am confident I have the cords on and in the right order. That’s 160 cords threaded and pegged – with the promise that I will never have to tie up my treadles again (just adjust them from the back). Sometimes it seems like half of weaving is equipment maintenance!

But that is a big job done, and a lot of dyeing prep is also done – which means more weaving and actual fibre dyeing are on their way soon, as are my additional days off which start on July 2nd. I’m looking forward to having more time in the summer for textile exploration as well as just unwinding after weekends of hosting concerts. It might not be Fridays off work all summer, but Mondays are better because I’ll actually use them in the studio (as opposed to in the house, preparing for weekend hosting).

So let the summer begin! Textiles and swimming and visits and dinners and friends and a cabin on another island – it’s all just around the corner 🙂

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