Post #3249: Would Rather Be Swimming

I’m sure I had something to say today, but then we discovered the outdoor chest freezer had failed last night and I had to run to rescue the thawing meat and the extra grains and flour stored in paper bags, quickly becoming wet from the dripping. I was successful at getting it organized, though I’m left with 6 pounds of bones that didn’t fit in the other freezer. I’ll be roasting and turning them into bone broth over the next two days despite the heat. Serves me right for procrastinating on that task.

All of that ate up the work break in which I would have written this post, so I am left with no time to reflect today. There has been bedlam in my house for other reasons these last few weeks (a 2 and 4 year old have been temporarily here with their mum) and there has been a lot of distraction. I am looking forward to the family moving on next week, and the return of my quiet house. I am also looking forward to the delivery of a new freezer which I ordered as soon as I cleaned up the mess from the old one.

So instead of something brilliant, I am sharing a picture of one of my favourite places to swim. It is right across from my house and down the beach about fifty feet, the only patch of sand in our little bay with a big shady maple to sit under on a hot day. When the tide is high, I love to swim to the reef and climb on top to watch the seals. I hope to get there this afternoon, but it’s not looking likely at the moment. Fortunately, early evening high tides and warm weather are predicted through the week so there will be other opportunities.

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