Post #3247: Summer Textile School, Week 3

Things were really quiet around the house this week with Brian away for work and the family that has been living with us (until the end of the month due to a housing crisis) away. It was glorious and I spent every extra minute in the studio getting things done. I’m still really in prep stage – so I don’t have much in the way of pretty pictures this week. The most exciting thing that happened was the installation of the 20+ system on my loom which is close to being complete (see picture above). This is going to make my weaving life a whole lot easier.

Dyeing Activities


  • Tested Ph levels of my tap water (well) and cistern (rainwater)
  • Got organized around hauling and filtering cistern water so I can be sure my water is iron-free.

Dye space and materials

  • Found a working electric roasting pan at the recycling center. It’s never been used. Years ago, someone told me that these roasting pans are great for dyeing in as they hold temperatures steady over long periods of time which is required in scouring, mordanting and dyeing stages.

Materials prep

  • Scoured, mordanted wool/silk for weaving project (colour gamp in reds).Did half in alum and half in oxalic acid to experiment with colour differences. Used all cistern water for wash and mordant.  Currently winding hanks into 100-yard skeins for dyeing.
  • Scoured and mordanted 300 grams of cotswold/romney yarn from Gabriola. Not sure what I’m using this for. Oxalic acid mordant. 
  • Scoured and mordanted some cotton yardage, used alum instead of alum acetate (in error), but read up on it and apparently it’s okay.

Weaving Activities

  • Installed all the hardware and the peg box for the 20+ system on my Berga Savonia loom. Got the cords on all the lamms and now I’m just tying the whole thing up. I made video segments for each part of the install so that I can put something together to help others who are planning on buying/building and installing a 20+ on their countermarch loom. It’s a bit overwhelming at first, but step by step it came together!
  • Weaving on J-made loom – thinking I’m going to turn the fabric into a couple of sewn cowls. 
  • Watching Season 2, Episode 2 of JST Guild materials and working through exercises
  • Warp for Episode 2 sample (Asymmetry) beamed and sleyed. Threading next. 

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