Post #3141: Turning to the next year

Somehow we’ve made it to 2019. I find myself amazed by that fact – don’t you? The world keeps turning despite all the crazy things going on in it, and here we are.

I’ve done three things in the last twenty-four hours that I hope will improve my productivity and mindfulness in 2019:

  • plugged my phone charger into an outlet that isn’t in the bedroom
  • removed the Facebook app from my phone
  • started a 30 day yoga challenge

None of these are related to a resolution, but as I’ve got an eye on things I would like to accomplish this year (including reading more actual books), I’m seeking ways to minimize the distractions and boost up my physical energy. I spend 8 hours a day in front of a computer for work, so I’d like to reduce the amount of time I spend on my mini-computer (phone) elsewhere in the day.

I will acknowledge that starting today off without my phone beside me felt odd, but I was way more prompt in getting to the meditation cushion as a result.

I still have some sewing projects to finish from 2018 since our power went out on the 20th and didn’t come back until the afternoon of the 24th – but instead of working on those yesterday I started a massive clean of the studio and I’m not quite yet finished. By this weekend though, I should have a load of stuff out the door and a very clean workspace for the beginning of the year. As Brian and I are doing the #januarycure again, there will be a thorough sort of the house (including all the closets) over the next month as well.

I’m launching a new project in a couple of weeks – which I’ve got to wrap my head around still – and in order to bring some external accountability to myself, I’ve signed up for monthly follow-through sessions at Good in Victoria. Just before the holidays I realized that writing daily goals for a million things in my planner (ie: nagging myself) wasn’t actually very effective at keeping myself straight – so I’m trying a different tact.

I’m re-starting the weekly meditation sits I host next week, and have signed up for retreats in February and May. I plan to also sign up for July and November retreats once they are open for registration. I chose the word “Radiant” for 2019 in my #yearcompass exercise and was pleased to note that the first retreat at Mountain Rain this year is titled “Radiant Light: The teachings of Dogen Zenji”. I love it when life themes snug up against one another like that.

The last couple of years my annual words have been a bit bland – Clarity for 2017 and Mindful for 2018. Contrast that with 2016 when my word was Movement – and we ended up moving that year (which wasn’t on the horizon when I did my #yearcompass). I’m hoping that by going with something with more light and reach – I will spur a bit more follow through on some ideas I’ve got, and allow myself to shine in 2019.

Another storm seems to be rolling in this afternoon with a huge amount of rain predicted. Fingers crossed the power stays on!

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