Post #3140: Sewing down to the season

Now that the days are really short, it’s become difficult to get good photos for my social and blog posts – particularly as the last two days have been darkly overcast and rainy.  Perhaps 2019 will be the year I invest in a photo set-up with some lighting – I keep thinking about it but then I’m not sure if I care all that much. 

I’m in the midst of Christmas-gift sewing at the moment – for Brian and my Mom mostly. I’m also knitting something for Mica which should be done by the time she arrives here just ahead of her birthday (next week). As much as I feel overwhelmed by everything I’d like to get done in the next two weeks, I do enjoy going into the studio and knowing exactly what I have to work on next. I have two sewing projects on the go at the moment, with a third and fourth to be added in the next few days. Photos will have to wait until after the holidays of course.

In the meantime I’ll show off the shirt I finished last week for Brian. It’s a pattern I hadn’t used before (M6044) so it was a test to see if I got the fit right – and huzzah! On first try it fit him like a dream:

This shirt is 100% stash busting – fabric (bought on sale years ago for $5 per metre), buttons, and pattern – which makes it feel like a freebie. It came together so easily that I would make it again without question. M6044 is a great all-round pattern which many options (pockets, long sleeves, yoke etc). I’ve gotten a lot of shirt inspiration from Male Pattern Boldness who is worth checking out if you are sewing male clothing styles.

On Friday I discovered that the Fabricland in Nanaimo has closed – a drag in the moment because I had planned to purchase a few fabric odds and ends for the gifts I am making. Instead, I have been forced to get creative with what I have in my stash which has turned out to be excellent for emptying my overflowing fabric drawers. As far as stashes go – I’m not excessive, but I do tend to purchase garment amounts of yardage, so it does take up space.

Through the holidays and into the new year I have plans to sort supplies in the studio so I can declutter a bit. In our house we do the January cure every year, and I think I’ll do a parallel process in my studio. It’s not that I’m so much into new year’s resolutions, but I do find a thorough cleaning and sorting process sets the year off in the right direction. Besides, I haven’t washed the floors in here since we moved in. It’s about time for a top to bottom cleaning. 

One Comment on “Post #3140: Sewing down to the season

  1. Great shirt! Also thank you for the link to the Cure – I signed up. My sense of clutter in the workshop can really get in the way of maximum creativity…here’s hoping for a cure and a way to feeling lighter and lighter. 😉

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