Post #3122: Self sewing (and knitting) in May

Well me made me Maybe it’s not really about sewing as many garments as possible in the month I did manage to so three garments and finish knitting one this past month. Two of those items were finished in the last two days though were in the works for some time. In the case of the Harrison dress I cut out the pattern and bought the fabric last year – so it was a long time in the project pile.

This is a pattern by Cashmerette Patterns. It comes with several cup size choices for the full figured sewist. While I like the relaxed fit of this finished version I think I could have gone a size down quite easily. A couple of months of working out at the gym and I am at least one dress size smaller. This dress features princess seams, and was my first attempt at a full collar and many buttonholes. Definitely a levelling up pattern for me and I finally learned how to use the electronic button foot attachment for my sewing machine!

My other finish this week is a 3rd pair of Emerson Crop Pants by True Bias Patterns.

Not much to see here since I’ve now made this pattern multiple times. This version was made with leftover fabric from a skirt I made about five years ago – a lightweight denim, perfect for summer.

Another item I made this month completely from leftover fabric is a version of the Springfield top by Cashmerette.

Although I like this top for the ability to use up scraps of fabric, I do not like the facing pieces. They seem too small to me and so they flip up no matter how I’ve tried to stitch them down. If I make this again I will change the facing option, or make a lined version. I do quite like the lines of this pattern.

And finally as I previously showed here, I did finish the all black ensemble for meditation retreats also this month.

All my makes this month were sewn from materials in my stash which was part of my me made may pledge, and at least two of these items are gap fillers in my wardrobe. For my next challenge I plan to make a shirt or two for Brian and a couple fancy dresses for parties I’m attending this summer. My sewing roll does not seem to be abating so I am taking advantage of the momentum by upping my skills and pushing my own style edges a bit.

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