Post #3121: Thirty days of Me-Made-May

This has been my first year participating in Me-Made-May – and I have to admit I’m glad it’s coming to a close, if only because I am done having to document everything I wear!

Below is a photo round-up of the me-made items I wore or used this month. There are a few days in which I took photos of other makes – bags, quilts, and a garment I was working on – but rest-assured, I was also wearing a me-made item on each of these days.

In terms of insights – here are a few of the outcomes from my month of participating in this challenge.

This month I:

  • discovered I can wear self-sewn clothes a significant percentage of the time – at least in spring – though many of these pieces are layer-able which is what I like in a diy-wardrobe
  • dug into the closet and wore most of my me-makes – some of which haven’t seen a lot of wear lately; there are definitely a few items that have to go, but most of these items still have a lot of life left and I enjoy wearing them
  • noted that my sewing has really improved in the last year
  • was surprised by how many self-drafted garments I own – mostly simple skirts, but more than I thought
  • enjoyed wearing garments made of natural fibres more than anything else – cotton for the win!
  • learned that other people have a different take on what looks good on me than I do
  • got used to looking at pictures of myself – and have started to think more about how I photograph my garments in the future
  • decided that all ready-to-wear clothing which does not bring me joy is coming out of the closet

Favourite garments of the month were clearly my Cashmerette Webster tops and my True Bias Emerson crop pants. I also love my Coco dresses with modified neckline. I have determined no preference between knits and wovens – pulling out some of the older garments made of wovens turned out to be more of a pleasure than I thought it would. I do have a definite preference between self-sewn and ready-to-wear though – and looking at the photos I can really see the difference in terms of fit and also style. I think my self-sewn garments are much better reflections of my personal style than anything I can find on-the-rack. This is enough to remind me that the hours spent making my own clothes are more than worth it.

There is of course – one more day of the month – and I will post tomorrow with a round-up of the garments that I managed to finish in May plus some thoughts on makes moving forward.

Me-makes left to right: Webster top/Emerson Crop pants, Crochet skirt, Harison shirtdress in progress, Concord top/self-drafted skirt, skirt of unknown pattern.
Me-makes left to right: Coco top, self-drafted skirt, Butterick crop pants/self-drafted top, Convergence top (crochet), Blackwood cardigan and Springfield top.
Me-makes left to right: Webster top/Emerson crop pants, self-drafted skirt, Vogue top (this one is very old and I don’t have the pattern anymore, self-designed quilt and crochet afghan, self-designed project bag and afghan in background.
Me-makes left to right: Webster top/Emerson crop pants, Emerson crop pants/self-drafted top, Coco dress with modified neckline, Simplicity dress, Amy Butler bag
Me-makes left to right: Simplicity dress, self-drafted-top/self-drafted skirt, Webster top/Blackwood cardigan, Coco Tunic, Coco tunic/Blackwood cardigan
Me-makes left to right: Webster top/Emerson crop pants, Concord top/self-drafted skirt/self-drafted scarf, self-drafted skirt, Coco dress with modified neckline, Emerson crop pants.

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