Post #3123: Sewing all of the things in June

I have been pretty much Internet averse for the entire month of June. Very little instagram, no blogging, minimal Facebook. I guess taking a selfie everyday and posting so much in Me Made Made took a toll on me!

But I have been making things in the studio this month. The weather hasn’t been all that great, which has extended my sewing season a bit longer than normal and I’ve got a jump on a couple of fall things as well as dresses for various celebrations this summer.

So here they are – the garments of June (one more coming once I hem it this week):

Starting with my least favourite make – here is the Aster top from Colette Patterns. There is nothing objectively wrong with the pattern, but shirt-making is difficult and I made a number of miscalculations along the way. If I ever make this top again:

  • it will be a size larger
  • I won’t bother with the fiddly cuffs since I roll everything up to 3/4 length sleeves anyway
  • I will take more care easing in the sleeves so the gathers aren’t quite so tight

This shirt was a learning experience and I’m not sure I would make this pattern again. I’m partial to princess seaming – so I think I’ll make a go at a princess seamed shirt like the Harrison by Cashmerette instead of one with darts next time.



I made this dress out of a cotton and steel rayon from my stash using the Mississippi Ave dress pattern by Sew House Seven. I really like the fit of this dress, and the elastic in the back gives it some nice shape. I did not love how the neckline turned out – but it’s not really a noticeable flaw when I’m wearing it. I made this for a friend’s anniversary party that I attended this weekend and it was definitely the brightest dress there.


Here is my first version of the York Pinafore by Helen’s Closet – made out of a fairly heavy-weight denim. This is definitely a fall wear and it helps cover up the flaws of the Aster so if I wear the Aster at all, it will be with this over-dress. I’m happy with the fit, though I worry that the narrow bib isn’t overly flattering to my shape. In any case, this will get wear and I would like to try another version in a medium-weight fabric.

File this one under least-interesting/most useful. It’s a Concord T-shirt, made with some fabric I ordered as a test for another project. It turned out not to be very good quality fabric – but I do need more black t-shirts so here we are. I’ve got better t-shirt fabric in my stash and need to get on some more staples.

And finally – I made this at the beginning of the month and Brian has been asking for more like it ever since. Made with stash fabric and buttons – this is the Men’s Shirt pattern by Melly Sews. I am really happy with how it turned out.

That’s it! All of the things from June. I’m hoping the weather will turn soon and I’ll be spending less time in the studio for the remainder of summer – though, there are still so many things I want to make for fall 🙂

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