Post #3109: Sewing up the [wardrobe] gaps

I’m at a juncture where I have worn out most of my trousers. Four pairs of jeans and four pairs of black leggings – all on the verge of being cut up for rags (the leggings) or additions to quilting projects (the jeans). Knowing this, I had big plans a few months ago to sew pants – but then I chickened out and didn’t end up sewing any pants – but many knit-dresses instead, because those are easy and I had lots of knit fabric kicking around.

Because I am loathe to wear ready-made clothing these days (such poor quality), and there aren’t a lot of options in the thrift stores here (so much synthetic textile!) – this means that I have got to get on some sewing to close the wardrobe gap as we head into warmer weather.

Me-Made-May is coming up – something that’s been around for a few years but I have never consciously participated in. I think this year, I will get on board and use it as a chance  to reflect on what is in my closet and be conscious about choosing sewing projects to fill the gaps. I’m also moving towards a wardrobe that does not include much in the way of synthetic textiles (save the odd lycra mixed in with cotton here and there) – because I am aiming for clothing that can eventually end its days in the compost. While I recognize this is a drop in the bucket in terms of textile pollution – the more I learn about the garment industry, the more I want to alter my relationship to the items I wear.

So my pledge starting now and through Me-Made-May is that I will:

  • sew to fill wardrobe gaps (even though it’s a bit boring)
    • pants
    • knit tops out of black jersey
    • knit tank tops
    • underwear
  • sew from fabric in my stash
  • continue to finish UFOs
  • wear one me-made garment or accessory each day in May

I have a couple of basics – black meditation dress, and a basic black top – cut out and ready to go. I plan to sew those this week, and then go back to the pants plan with a pair of Emerson crop pants made out of cotton twill. Those will also be black. It’s a bit of a dour sewing month – but this is what filling wardrobe gaps looks like at the moment. Fortunately I made some colourful tops this winter – that will help me through the season of transition without looking too much like I’m in mourning.



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