Post #3108: A smidge of colour theory on a cloudy day

It is so grey outside; let’s think about colour!

I came across this vintage colour wheel in the gift shop at the National Gallery in Ottawa last month – and immediately went online to see if I could find a version to print out for my studio. This work by Hilaire Hiler (1898-1966) pairs emotional resonance with colours, and also breaks down colours by group rather than primary/complementary. There is a whole system of thought behind this of course  – but really, I just find this combination very pleasing to me. Although I haven’t done much in the way of textile art – I like the idea of bringing colour to the fore when I do, and this system is another dimension to work from. Of course, since Hiler, there has been tons of work done on colour theory and the psyche, primarily in support of the marketing industry – but his explorations in colour were groundbreaking and remain legendary to this day.

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