Post #3110: Bringing on the warmer weather

I’ve been posting the above hammock photo all over the place – as it is endlessly pleasing to me. On the weekend Brian got the side-yard re-mulched and installed hardware for the hammock in this spot (it was previously elsewhere but we have other plans for that space). It was warm enough Sunday afternoon that I spent a full hour in that hammock, reading a book (Mrs. Osmond by John Banville) and watching the little birds flit around. Once spring advances and the trees leaf out a bit more, that spot becomes very shady – making it perfect for the warm days of summer which are surely upon us.

I finished this top on the weekend – several hours of hand-sewing (those polka dots are sewn on) down. Black on black makes for very tired eyes, and I won’t be making that mistake again. This top is a riff on the Alabama Chanin techniques. I used a self-drafted pattern for the top, the polka dot template from the School of Making, and contrasting button/craft thread for the applique. For future projects like this I plan to use silk embroidery thread instead of the button thread – because I’m looking to move 100% biodegradable in my wardrobe and button threads are polyester (and stiff as hell). My next project will be the swing skirt in teal and gray – though I haven’t decided what contrasting fabric paint/thread I will use. I’m not someone who likes a whole lot of flash up top (I have issues with my bust line) – but I have been trying to use brighter colours and more pattern in bottoms to lighten up the wardrobe a bit from my tendency towards dark-hued  garments.

I have another black tank top that is almost finished and just needs arm hole and neckline hand-finishing, so am well on my way to summer clothes. This is good news because temperatures are finally on the increase here. Though so far, I have tops for days and not nearly enough bottoms – so in addition to that swing skirt in the offing, I’ve just cut out the pattern for the Emerson Crop Pants (by True Bias) and hope to get those sewn this week.  The fabric I’ve cut-out is more fall-weight (black twill) – but given the unsteady days of spring, they could get more wear on this side of summer than anticipated. If this experiment goes well, I’ll be making my next pair in red linen.

I’m hoping that by sewing for warmer weather – it will continue to be so. That’s how it works – right?


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