Post #1977: In which a vaccine reaction gives me an excuse to stay home and sew.


On Monday night I got myself vaccinated against the flu, something I have been meaning to do since October, but has now become a necessity since I will be travelling to Ottawa on Sunday. Nothing like an airplane to breed illness after all.

But because I have a super-good immune system, vaccinations pretty much always knock me out. That is, the immune system goes into overdrive making the antibodies and then I get tired (and) in the case of the flu vaccine – achy. Not terribly so of course, nothing like having the actual flu – but enough that on Tuesday I stayed home, took a lot of ibuprofen, and lounged around the house.

For the first time early December I had a quiet house to myself all day – and it was glorious! I spent at least half of my day listening to an audiobook and sewing – I’ve had an itch to make some new clothes lately.

Between Tuesday and two evenings I finished the Capuccino Dress pictured here… even handpicking the hem so it would be invisible. This is a muslin project really, to test the pattern and the fit, and as such it cost me approximately $15 in materials. Although it turns out that the fit is just fine, I don’t love the cut on me – too shapeless for my figure (unfortunately because what a cute dress)! Also, I should know better than to wear anything with gathers at the neckline with my bust!

Even so, I wore it to work today with a cardigan – because all dresses look better with a cardigan in my opinion.

I’m just feeling glad that for the first time in ages I got a chance to make something, even if it didn’t turn out to be something that I love. Each thing I make is one more set of learning tools for the next thing – and without a doubt, clothing is the most challenging of all. This project taught me invisible hemming and properly turned cuffs – and those are both pretty versatile skills.

Pretty soon I will be turning a work corner which should mean – more time for other things – and as I am itching for new clothes, sewing must definitely be on that agenda.

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