It’s my new year!

Making, Meditation, Movement, Music.

This weekend marked the passing of my 41st birthday, which was spent in Victoria with my niece and nephew at the Shaw Discovery Centre – this is my niece grace pointing at the starfish. She’s awesome.

It was a really nice, low-key way to spend my birthday after a month of being sick (not to mention a pretty rocking birthday party a week earlier) and I was glad to have a little travel with Brian (whom I’ve been feeling particularly close to recently).

I’ve decided that for this, my 41st year, my focus will be on the four activities listed at the head of this post – making, meditation, movement and music. I’m almost close to finishing my master’s degree (could be done as early as fall) and I am naturally shifting gears towards other activities (besides coursework and hanging out with folks from uni) – like playing music, making stuff for the house and for friends, and regular meditation practice and study. The movement piece is one I’ve dropped the ball on for awhile due to rain and sickness, but I’m eager to start walking to work again now that the days are lighter and less cold — (I just ordered a new pair of walking shoes since I entirely wore out the pair I bought last year on my birthday). I’m also looking forward to getting back to our little piece of land and doing some work on it.

So yes. I suppose my theme for 2014 is setting my direction towards the things which give me the greatest sense of my ever-becoming-self.





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