Weave and sew

I engage with the art of everyday things.

I work in a variety of textile techniques – sewing, weaving, crochet, knitting, and stitch collage – to make beautiful, simple objects that can be used in everyday life. Most of my work is used in my own home, or the homes of friends and family – though I occasionally sell a piece or two.

I am currently most interested in garment sewing, with a focus on using natural, biodegradable fabrics that do not include polyester, elastane, or acrylic in their construction. Scraps from making my DIY wardrobe end up as bags, zip cases, pillow stuffing, and other odds and ends.

In addition to my sewing set up, I have two looms in my studio – both countermarch. The newest one is an 8-shaft Glimakara Julia, and I also own a 4-shaft, 45-inch wide loom made by a Nova Scotia draft dodger in 1973, and that I refurbished upon acquiring.

My studio at Birdsong on Gabriola Island. This picture taken in panorama mode makes it look bigger than it really is!

Textile work is not my day job and I do not ever want it to be. My textile studio doubles as a home office where I work as a web developer and project manager during the day.

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