Real life sewing injuries!

Last night I put a sewing machine needle through the very tip of my thumb and this morning I woke up cramped and sore from neck to feet after spending 7 hours sitting at my sewing machine in a determined effort to get the quilting part of my most recent quilt done. Hazardous! But it’s only because I’ve been so damned prolific on the sewing front lately.

On the weekend I finished this satchel for my husband to use for work – since the one I made him four years ago finally shredded (something he failed to mention until there was a hole right in the bottom of it – that’s what you get for using quilting cotton). This was made with water-resistant fabric using the Cooper bag pattern – though it has some wonkiness because I cut the fabric funny and couldn’t square the bottom. Overall though, I’m happy with it because it involved installing magnetic snaps, rivets and an adjustable strap for the first time ever. I have cut fabric to make another for myself – which I’ll start working on after the weekend. (Pattern: Cooper by Colette Patterns.)

And yesterday, as I mentioned, I spent about eight hours working on my Flower Chain quilt – two hours blocking and taping, and then six hours quilting. Rarely do I have the energy to sit at a sewing machine that long, and I’m paying for it today – but powering through means that I don’t have to worry about abandoning it mid-quilt as I so often do. Tonight I will square the edges and correct a few small issues in the top before setting it up for binding tomorrow.

Sorry, no photo of the quilting yet, here it is at blocking stage though:

Next up I’ve got plans to finish two more projects – a crochet sweater started last February (it just needs sleeves), and a kindof ugly quilt I started making nine years ago. I am feeling done with having old projects hanging around, so if I can’t get ’em finished this year — out the door they go!

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