Four more weeks of meals – October!

So – last month my menu-post turned out to be pretty popular and now I’ve got friends asking for another menu plan for this month. Also – I’m a big advocate of meal planning because it makes for better meals with way less grocery costs. So! Here it is – starting with this Sunday, this menu will take us through the end of November.

On Wednesdays I have class so there is no cooking at home that night – and on Sundays we have band practice and generally do some kind of a roasted thing which we leave up to the weekend to decide. This Sunday we are making Hard-cider braised pot roast with sage served with parsnips and potatoes from the garden. Next Sunday will obviously be turkey since we’re having a Thanksgiving dinner party (specific menu for that, and our end of the month dinner party will be posted here when we figure them out).

As before, this is a wheat-free menu with a focus on whole foods with seasonal availability. I have Mondays off work so I often do something more elaborate that day, but otherwise these are all meals that can be cooked after work without too much fuss. If the item doesn’t have a recipe link it’s because the dish is  something I make regularly or plan to improvise. In any case – enjoy! I sure know that we will.

Monday – Black eyed pea stew with wheat-free Cornbread
Tuesday – Beef and Bok Choi Stir-fry
Thursday – Cream of Mushroom Soup served with crackers, cheeses, apple
Friday – Sausages with pan cooked chutney & leek mash
Saturday – Garlic Braised Chicken with Olives and Mushrooms

Monday – Polenta Pizza with Blue Cheese, Walnuts, Dried Fig, Prosciutto & Kale (we loved the polenta pizza from September’s menu so much we’re trying a new variation on it!)
Tuesday – Turkey Tetrazinni (w gf pasta to use up leftover turkey from Thanksgiving)
Thursday – Pork Paprikash w rice
Friday – Fish Tacos, guacamole, corn chips
Saturday – Warm chickpea salad with sun dried tomatoes and feta

Monday – Roast Duck with roasted beets, carrots and sweet potatoes
Tuesday – Chicken Curry with Apple-Ginger Chutney
Thursday – Some type of leftovers before playing a gig at Van Dusen gardens!
Friday –  Shrimp & Herb Risotto
Saturday – Torta w Chorizo with warmed beet salad

Monday – Pork Tenderloin with Sauteed Apples and Leeks
Tuesday – GF-Macaroni-hamburger skillet dish
Thursday – Chicken and Wild Rice Salad
Friday – Salmon and potato al forno
Saturday – Chili served over crisped polenta

2 Comments on “Four more weeks of meals – October!

  1. Holy Mother of Pearl,
    I’m salivating so hard it’s hard to type and not drool on my keyboard! These recipes look fabulous Megan. I just can’t believe how much work you do and how easy you make it all appear. Thanks for the great ideas.

  2. I will have to take a closer look at some of the recipes although mushrooms are not popular with one of the two the meals would be for. I may have to try them for myself.

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