Exciting enamelware!

Six lovely pieces, and yes – that is a bedpan (never used, in pristine condition), hospital issue from between the wars.

In a follow-up to yesterday’s outhouse post, I am plotting a small project for the winter workshop which will see the creation of a wash-basin stand. For the stand I intend to simply cut a hole in a piece of wood to rest a basin in, sand, stain and varnish – and then later in the summer attach it to some legs cut from trees on our property.

When I first envisioned this, I determined that for the basin I would like to find a piece of vintage-looking *or* actual antique enamelware. It didn’t have to be in great shape since its sole purpose will be to hold water, so I figured I could find something pretty cheap. But looking in local antique shops here and in the interior had turned up nothing.

Enter Craigslist! Last week, upon our return from Link Lake, I found a posting for the above collection – being sold out of Burnaby for only $30 – and so I promptly drove out to take a look. It’s the real deal – 1930s-era – with just a very few nicks and rust marks. Perfect for my intended use (the coffee kettle will make a nice water jug companion to the wash basin). The rest of the vessels will find an eventual home in our cabin or bunkie I’m sure 🙂

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