So we went to look at land…..

…. and it went a little like this.

We originally had a difficult time finding the lot because the “driveway” was apparently severed from the road by a drainage ditch some years ago:

The “small cabin on the back of the lot which has probably fallen down” is actually a giant debris pile in the best building site at the front of the lot:

In addition to the debris pile we found a tipped over outhouse and an unusable  shed:

Oh – and the gentle slope on the rest of the property turned out to be a little more like:


  • This is a 15,000 square foot lot
  • It is at the end of the residential area of the lake – neighbours on one side only.
  • Great hunting and trout fishing access within steps from the property (this is a literal measure – you can walk four steps off the back of the property into hunting territory).
  • It is the cheapest thing for sale in Southern BC at less than $40,000 and only four hours from Vancouver
  • Once the debris is cleared there is one very solid building site – while smaller sleeping cabins could easily be build on leveled platforms.
  • There are peekaboo lake views which will be enhanced once the pine-beetley trees are cleared out of the way.
  • The slope allows for a gravity-fed rainwater collection to the main cabin we would build.
  • And best of all, it is a 5 minute walk down the road from the property to this:

Which has a sweet little place to leave your rowboat even:

And so WE’RE PUTTING IN AN OFFER with the hopes we can get some of the cost of cleaning the debris up knocked off the asking price – because its obvious that the realtor and the seller have no idea of the state of things up there (seller hasn’t been in more than ten years and the realtor has never been).

Yes, it’s a funny little lot with some issues. But it’s a workable lot, in a fabulous location, for an asking price of affordable — and so it seems that new project time will be upon us soon.

(All lot photos in a Flickr set here.)

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