This land… it’s almost ours!

Apparently looking at land is a very popular topic among my friends and family as my stats have shot up over the last three days since posting about the property we looked at on the weekend.

So for those of you who read here, I would like you to know that OUR OFFER WAS ACCEPTED yesterday and we will own .35 of an acre as of July 19th! The property is just off the Princeton-Summerland Road across from Link Lake and in between Osprey and Secret Lake (down the road from the TeePee lakes, Chain Lake and a million other little fishing spots). These don’t have great swimming beaches or anything but they are clean, electric-motor only and beautiful – we’ve got a mind to throw a dock down on the crown access side of the property for swimming. About half the lake is private and half is crown, with logging taking place on the East side of the lake currently.

Clicking on the map above will take you to the Google map so you can see the area.

This lot is an hour and a bit from Keremeos, 45 minutes from Summerland, and a 40 minutes from Princeton.  The Kettle Valley Rail Trail is just down the street as are a myriad of hiking trails and logging roads that head off into various parts of the wilderness.

While the spot has some issues (serious slope, debris, no well) – the location is perfect and frankly, the imperfection of the land will make for a much more interesting property once we figure out where and how to arrange things. I’m thinking of possible rainwater catchment options for bathing and washing water (we can bring our drinking water in easy enough), and  posts and platforms are adequate footing for the small-scale sleeping structures we would likely build on the most sloped part of the lot.

We have a backhoe operator ready to come up and work with us in the first week of August during which time we would like to:

  • put in a driveway that connects to the road (there is no way to drive onto the lot currently) – this requires a small culvert and filling in the ditch
  • clear the collapsed cabin/outhouse/shed debris off the center of the lot – either remove it entirely to the dump or pull it off to the side for burning in the fall or winter
  • dig a hole for a new outhouse
  • start cleaning up the deadwood and cutting down the diseased trees (most of the trees are spindly pine with beetle infection)

By fall I hope we have an outhouse up, a driveway that can double as a flat space for tents, a firewood lean-to and a fire pit. Fortunately we are doing this with two awesome friends who are eager to get work started as well – so between the four of us we could easily make some good headway in preparation for building next summer.

Next steps? Pay money, take possession on the 19th, and drive up there on the 20th to meet with the backhoe operator and flag the property boundary. So exciting!

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