Pretty things and bad moods.


Despite having a fabulous weekend full of everything I most enjoy (hiking, playing music, gardening, sewing, friends, household organizing and so forth), I went to bed last night and woke up this morning in a terrible mood. Or maybe it’s better to say an odd mood. Anxious and a bit depressed for no good reason. Plus I’ve got a knot in my right calf that won’t come out despite stretching and massaging. Not only is it wearing on my last nerve – it’s making me all angry inside!


Right, so we all have these days and I’m pretty sure mine is linked to end of term stress + busy week + body aches reminding me that as I get older I need to stretch more as I work out. Oh, and I guess it might also be related to yesterday being my first wheat/gluten-free day. It could be that too.

But just knowing why we might feel crappy isn’t enough to turn it around – so I’ve got three strategies for shifting my mood today:

  1. immerse myself in work
  2. go to a therapeutic stretch class at the gym
  3. buy 2 yards of fabric to make a new skirt that I had a dream about the other night

In shorthand that is – productivity, movement, and creativity. Simply typing those three words makes me feel slightly better without doing anything else – because I’m imbuing my grumpy self with potentials rather than more limitations. Limitations are where I get stuck on days like this, and those turn into anxieties which turn into thoughts I don’t want to share here…. and so on. 

One other thing that makes me feel a little brighter is looking at this hexagon flower appliques on a set of napkins I made as a housewarming gift for a friend:


There’s something about their patchwork and wonkiness (my mitered corners didn’t turn out quite as square as I would have liked) that makes my heart lift a little. Which I suppose is the point of making pretty little things.

There was a time in my life when I could see no point to much that wasn’t functional – which lead to an impulse to make things that were primarily for use (as opposed to decoration). The more I delve into what actually makes my heart glad, the more I want to bring colorful touches to every object I wear or use in my home. Which is part of living in a better headspace overall, isn’t it?

It’s a trip, this body-mind thing we’ve got going on – and I’m looking down all available avenues for living the best life possible. Not a perfect life, but one in which my bad moods can be floated out by the things I do, the people I know, and the recognition that we all have days that start out bad, but we don’t have to get stuck in them.


2 Comments on “Pretty things and bad moods.

  1. Thanks! I quite love them. If they weren’t going to someone who I care very greatly for – I couldn’t give them away at all!

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