Shift in attention

The best thing I did on my fortieth birthday was get myself a pair of new walking shoes (that look good with skirts). That, and going snowshoeing at Cypress. Both of these actions were intended to signal my desire to make forty a year about physical activity – and in this I have so far been successful.

Nearly two years of grad school have steadily whittled away at my physical fitness, my attention has been shifted from body to mind and in the process I have put on ten pounds (maybe more) not to mention losing what little toning I had worked up to in my last fitness spurt.

So I am walking to work a lot, hiking on weekends. taking pilates classes twice a week and doing the occasional elliptical workout. March has been my month for building activity into my routine, in April I am going to add some more fast-paced cardio and I might also add a 10-day fitness intensive being offered at the Y just to give myself the extra push to the next intensity level.

While it’s too early in the process to notice much in the way of body changes (except that my back is stiffer than normal) – I have noticed a definite uptick in the amount of extra actions I am taking outside of “working out”.  Whether that’s walking more, carrying heavy things up the stairs, painting in the kitchen or gardening – I’ve found myself more willing to engage in small activity all the time which is a direct result of the increased focus on bodily health. In short: a lot more stuff is getting done around the house these days!

So it’s all good – it’s spring and the weather has been amenable to getting outside – and besides that I am looking forward to the fitter life I am creating every day. And hiking in the Rockies!

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