Always working on something: myself and making.

In class this semester I have the privilege of sitting across from one of the most insufferable people I have ever met (I also have the very real privilege of sitting beside one of the nicest guys ever – but that’s not so interesting for a blog post).

In last night’s session he – we’ll call him R. –  made the assertion that 1) scientific shouldn’t start with any hypothesis, and 2) scientists and explorers are different because explorers are willing to go out and discover totally new things – without maps even, whereas scientists only operate within the bounds of what they already know. Of course ill-informed opinion isn’t insufferable, it’s what fuels conversation and debate. The part that floored me came when I gently challenged his understanding of scientific discovery versus “exploration” and he looked directly at me and denied he had just made the previous statements.

And it’s not the first time R. has done that to me or someone else! Though he was so forceful about it that I had to sit back and review everything I had heard  in order to determine whether we were even speaking the same language – because how could I mishear so badly? But then I realized there was no point and just dropped out of the conversation. This is also not the first time that’s happened.

Now when he’s not gaslighting or just flat out telling people they are wrong, he spends the rest of class venting ill-informed opinions or talking about himself (we now know everything about him including his genealogical lineage going back 23 generations, no exaggeration).

Teachable moment? As much as I would like to simply gnash my teeth in frustration, I am using him as the model of “don’t want to be”.  Because I really don’t want people to roll their eyes or turn off when I open my mouth. Because I hope that as I get older (especially as I get older) my self-esteem can be greater not worse. So R. becomes a study – and instead of speaking out in class this semester I think I’ll be mostly observing (while formulating my ideas after class and having discussions over beers with the folks I actually enjoy).


On the making front: I have joined a challenge this month on Rav – which is 28 projects in 28 days. That is to work on 28 different projects over a 28 day period and take a photograph for each day that you do it. Note – that does not mean finish 28 projects, just start them (or finish works in progress). And large projects can be split up – but I am trying to stay as true to the intention as possible. I’m using it as a kick in the ass to start all the projects that have been sitting on the get-to list for months including

  • a lined coat,
  • two (or more) dresses,
  • a cardigan (pictured above, I’m a lot further along now then when this was taken),
  • a wedding quilt,
  • some more hexagons for the quilt for our bed,
  • crochet washcloths for the house and swap package,
  • a pullover sweater from this season’s issue of Interweave

— you get the idea. There are endless ideas without the equivalent endless time – but getting started on things definitely helps to feel motivated around working them bit by bit. 

Right now I’m working on the red-February cardigan as well as a dress that I started working on yesterday (it’s nearing the 50% finished mark). Hopefully I’ll have a photo of that later this week and I can start on the next dress in my fabric queue (the coreposis).

(One thing I’ve got my eye out for at the moment is a second-hand dressmaker’s dummy – size B (ready-made size 12 and up). I would really like to find something for about $100 – so if by some strange chance you have such a thing, are located in Vancouver or Victoria area, and wish to sell it please do let me know. ) 

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