Thirteen for 2013.

Three yards of this voile pattern (Anna Maria Horner, Loulouthi, Coreposis) arrived at my door on Saturday. It’s screaming dress to me, underlined with something light, fancy buttons up the back – to be worn in spring and fall. I’m in love.

But it’s going to be awhile before I get there, what with Christmas presents to finish and a pile of UFOs to be gone through before I start anything from scratch. Plus, fabric! I’ve got to start sewing clothes again just to make a dent in the fabric pile. Making two simple skirts in November was a great reminder that I really love having new things to wear, especially made from materials on hand.

Because I turn forty in early 2013, I’ve been thinking about milestones and accomplishments, and what I would like to achieve in my fortieth year. This includes things I would like to make, learn, finish, and acquire – and so I’ve compiled here a list of thirteen life things I would like in 2013. I will eventually get to some kind of wrap-up for 2012, but at the moment I’m way more interested in looking forward than looking back.

In no particular order, I would like 2013 to include:

  1. Two more courses finished towards my graduate degree.
  2. Four more courses finished towards my mediation certificate.
  3. A down payment on an affordable piece of recreation property within five hours of Vancouver.
  4. Learning Tunisian crochet and/or rudimentary knitting.
  5. At least one personal retreat where I go away by myself for a few days of reflection, hand work (sewing/crochet), writing and reading. Rivendell most likely.
  6. One dress made from The Party Dress Book: How to Sew the Best Dress in the Room, and one good outing to wear it to (at least!)
  7. Finishing the unfinished objects in the sewing basket. Or pitching them out.
  8. More sweater-making! This has been one of my greatest 2012 accomplishments – making my first sweater. I would like to turn out more for myself and another for Brian in 2013.
  9. More salons and other social engagements – I’d like to be a better friend in 2013.
  10. A wedding quilt for two dear people getting married. A baby quilt and pillow for my little neice Grace (who will be one in January). A full-sized quilt for the bedroom.
  11. Front yard finishing – mulching, planting, hardscaping.
  12. Lemons from the lemon tree (fingers crossed people!)
  13. More special weekends away with my awesome guy. More bed-all-day. More baths and massages and walks and cuddles. More love.

I feel so damned selfish writing it all out like that. All the things I want my fortieth year to be – full of love, friends, making, and little adventures. But the heart wants what it wants, and my heart wants to keep beating with all of what makes life good for myself and my circle.

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