This truly incredible life.

If all of philosophy really is the question of what it means to have a “good” life, then I think I am getting closer to the answer every day. And on Friday night I was presented with my answer (the one that Brian and I have come up with anyways) in pictorial form. For my fortieth birthday gift (which I received early during our cabaret on Friday night), my dear B. commissioned a piece of artwork from our friend Sam Bradd to encapsulate just what it is that makes our life together so incredible.

I would encourage you to now click on the image above and then zoom in to see all the wonderful detail in this piece.

All I can say is that between Brian’s stories and Sam’s art – they totally got it right – and I so look forward to having this piece in my life for all the years to come, as a reminder of all that we have built our life on since meeting five and a half years ago.

One reflection Brian and I had this weekend (after hosting a fabulous cabaret that went until four in the morning on Friday and going to bed on Saturday night after a feast with friends) is that a good life is something that requires a fair bit of effort and input. It doesn’t just happen on its own. And even with the effort/input there is always the luck card which comprises at least 50% of  the choices you get to make towards the life you want to create. Not to mention the fact that there are dips and pitfalls in any life which must be factored in when building the resiliency that carries us through those rough times.

Brian tells me that he never knew that life could be as good as the one we’ve created together is. I tell him I always knew that life could be this awesome, but I needed the right partner in co-creation because it’s way too much work and energy to sustain on one’s own (or with a partner who isn’t equally on board). But no matter our perspective, it’s definitely a joint effort!


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