Puzzles and patterns.

Today is one week from forty. And five hours from the cabaret we are having at our little house this evening –  not to mention friends coming to town and birthday dinner tomorrow night!

I started a new cardigan project last night – dark red in honour of my birthday and of heart month – but I’ve already had to rip it back to the beginning because I don’t think I quite understand the pattern yet. I will. I will understand the pattern…. and it feels good to be challenged. Every pattern is a puzzle until you see it for what it is. Very Gestalt, doors of perception and all that.

Speaking of which, I got my paper topic for the semester approved and will be writing on the discovery of neuroplasticity as an example of Thomas Kuhn’s paradigm shift (Structure of Scientific Revolutions).  Another puzzle to work through between now and April.

It’s too late on a Friday to think much beyond getting out of here and finding some fun!

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