The Husband Sweater (unblocked)


I left this one for the end of the week because it represents the most amount of work in one item — and also, because it isn’t quit finished yet. In my haste to get a photo during daylight hours I had to snap this before it was blocked. On the other hand, Brian did try it on the night I finished it and it fits him impeccably and actually looks pretty good!

But still, he doesn’t get it until its been blocked and labeled – which means it will actually be a Christmas present, not a pre-Christmas present.

In the end I altered the cuffs, collar and bottom-band from the original pattern because somehow it just wasn’t working for me. I think the single-crochet finish is more understated and works better for Brian than a ribbed cuff would anyway. I’m looking forward to getting this blocked and gifted – and I’m pleased with how my second sweater ever has turned out!

(And in case you missed my earlier post on this – here are the reasons why I don’t think the sweater-curse applies here.)

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