In progress towards the end of 2012.

I feel like it’s been ages since posting something even marginally inspiring on the finished project front – but that’s because I’ve got four decent sized-projects on the go right now: a lap-sized quilt (60 x 60) for my step-daughter for Christmas, a “Grinch Who Stole Christmas” themed quilt for my nephew, a Juliana Wrap for my mother (first major segment pictured above), and the husband sweater (pictured below).

This weekend I got M’s quilt half-quilted, I pieced six of nine squares for my nephew’s quilt, I got the center-segment of my mother’s wrap done, and I pieced together the husband sweater so I can start work on the collar, cuffs and bottom band later this week. I also chained together some crochet stars for house decorating (pictures tomorrow), cleaned my sewing room out for a visiting friend to sleep in, and decorated the house with the family last night.

So despite the lack of “finished” objects at the moment, within 15 days I will have four more items for the annual photo-roundup of things I have made in the year. While I do not have as many things in this year’s inventory, I notice there are more large and complex projects (like handmade sweaters!) which are filling out my accomplishments. All in, it’s been a pretty good year for making, and these last few items will add nicely to what’s been put out in the world by me in 2012.

Also worth mentioning – I’ve got clothing labels on their way in the post right now! (30 labels = $16) Going forward, I plan to afix labels to all my handmade items so as to identify 1) where they came from and 2) the correct direction/side to wear them. Since making my own clothing, I’ve discovered that *not* having labels means that I’m forever having to use other clothing cues to wear them the right way around. Labels should solve that problem for me (and for others who receive items as gifts).

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