A little boat story.

On a trip down a logging road in the North-Interior, Brian spotted some access to a pretty little lake. Abandoning the car by the side of the road, we walked down the twenty-foot dirt track to find an excellent site for future camping. But even better than that was a boat, long-tied-up and full of water with the weathered oars sitting on the bank. Not daunted by the fact we had no bailer, Brian went to the car and got his travel coffee mug – which he used to great effect over half an hour or so (while I picked the wild blueberries which lined the shore). Once it was emptied out, it became apparent that the boat was not taking on water from below, and despite its rickety (and patched) nature, was still somewhat water-worthy. So we took it out fishing even though it wasn’t the best time of day for it. Later on in the week when our friends came to join us, we took them to the pretty little lake and they got to enjoy “our” boat too. It was a magical discovery, and I hope the next time we are up that way our find is still there, tied up to the shore.

Just one of our little vacation adventures….. more coming soon.

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