Incredible Spring Menus

Gin and Tonic cake – recipe from How Sweet It Is – I will warn you now that putting limes on the top like this and letting it sit slightly corrodes the gin icing, causing it to run and pool at the sides of the pan. This makes for some very strong pieces of cake!

I have to share two incredible menus with you (along with recipe links) because it’s been a veritable gorge-fest around our place lately what with Brian’s birthday and our BBQ.

First, there was Brian’s birthday dinner with friends at Lake Mesachie. Morning was cake-baking time, and then I spent a great part of the afternoon lazily making the two appetizers (served one, made the other – timing was beautiful) after which there was lots of time before the steaks went on the grill so no one was too full from the appies.

All of the linked recipes are really worth a try, and the lemon cream is unbelievable. As I mentioned in a previous post, I made the angel food cake twice because it fell and was undercooked the first time….. but second time was a charm.

This past weekend, we had a BBQ in honour of almost-summer. Of course, being Vancouver, it rained. But no matter because we have a studio, a tarp set-up and a hot tub which means anytime of year can be outside time! For this grand occasion we asked people to grill their own, and provided on the side:

Those were pretty much all new recipes I’ve seen and wanted to try – which is the reason I invite people over in the first place since I can’t possibly justify something like gin and tonic cake otherwise. And by the way – the cake was nothing short of amazing and I have to thank How Sweet It Is for experimenting to discover such goodness in baking! I am currently soaking limes in gin (for the next four weeks or so) to kick it up one more notch (lime-gin and gin-soaked limes dredged in sugar!) the next time I make it, which will be as soon as I have an excuse to.

Lest you think I am a crazy eater – when not hosting people I tend to resort to eating things like the following (my favourite Friday night dinner):

  • Lightly seared tuna steaks (by which I mean 10 seconds on each side, no more.)
  • Asparagus sauteed in butter
  • Shitake mushrooms cooked with garlic and red wine
  • One square of dark chocolate

Which ain’t so shabby either!

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