A little wrecked.

This is going to sound ridiculous – but I’m kind of wrecked today from the long weekend of activities – and not of the partying sort. I had the weirdest night of non-sleep and sweats and aches, and now I’m home from work feeling groggy and strange. I chalk this up to overwork because I don’t think I have an actual illness (I have flu symptoms but it doesn’t actually feel like *the* flu) – which would square up with the fact that we spent the weekend at work on the house and suite, plus hosted friends on Sunday night for a BBQ that required much kitchen-time. While it was awesome to get so much done (it’s a little inconceivable to me that we managed to do most of our chores) , I am noting for future reference that my body is not an unstoppable machine – and I actually pay the price for hard work if I don’t rest properly.

In any case — wrecked — and I still have one more run of the steam-cleaner to do on the suite downstairs before I return that beastly machine to Safeway. I have a longer post to share about food later today when I am done my dreadful tasks and can lie on the couch for the afternoon, resting my sorry ass. Gah.


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