Red pinstripes and spring!

A new bag for spring finished last night!When I saw this fabric at DressSew two weeks ago, I knew I had to make something from it – it’s the right weight for anything that you might use denim in….. but I wasn’t sure about making a whole skirt out of it.You can’t tell from the photo, but the flowers are machine embroidered, not printed.

Bag details: Cotton/Poly blend med-weight, interfaced for structure, snap closure on front, self-designed: 1 metre each of exterior fabric and lining fabric totaling $15.

I think my girly-button is a bit small for the size of the bag so I may try to replace it with something else – but otherwise I’ve got a new bag for picnics and beaches. And a shout-out to Vancouver sewists: DressSew has tons of cute fabric in at the moment.

5 Comments on “Red pinstripes and spring!

  1. i sent my grandma’s sewing machine to get a major overhaul last week & get it back tomorrow. i am so excited! all your sewing really inspires me to get cracking in the sewing department.

  2. Yay! If you want to learn to sew a bag, I can teach you! I have now sewn so many bags that I actually have a pretty good idea of what works and doesn’t.

  3. i do need new pot holders! and dresses. and skirts and tops, and trousers, and blankets to give to friends and all kinds of stuff! i’ll see if i can find a case and bring the machine to your place and we can have a sewing party!

  4. I just destashed my fabric in anticipation of a garage sale. You should come over and take a look sometime and see if there’s any fabric scraps you want!

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