And….. catching up.

Tonight is my last class, and I’ve been so buried in my paper every available minute the last couple of days that I haven’t been to write here. Now that I’m finished my term paper, “In the Absence of a Creator: A reflection on the modern monster” (an examination of monstrosity in literature in the context of existentialism and a social transition from religion to secular humanism), I can breathe a bit easier. I still have a few journal entries to post before the end of next week, but am feeling otherwise done. Which means that by tomorrow I will have completed my first year of grad school. (Yay me!)

I am clearly starving to read something other than my assigned list, for even as I worked through my paper, I have read two novels and half a short story collection since last Thursday. This is a ridiculous pace even for me, but it’s more fun to read when you don’t have to write about it afterwards! For the record those books are Disgrace by Coetzee, The Book of Illusions by Paul Auster, and Stay Awake by Dan Chaon. I just got the Chaon book out of the library yesterday, but I find his short stories so compelling I can’t put them down. Next on the list is Ali Smith’s There but for the which I also got out of the library – it’s bumping 1Q84 down the queue because I own that one and it doesn’t have a time schedule to be read on.

I’m also looking forward to more gardening and sewing time in the upcoming weeks. Over the weekend I managed to put a lot of seeds and starts into the back garden, and potted up some sweet peas, dahlias and even veggies for spots of colour in the seating areas. I think the next project is going to have be a continuation of our front yard, since I’ve now decided what my next plant purchases for that area will be (two Japanese skimmia and one Witch Hazel tree). I am also mid-way through two tote-bags for a fundraiser – which is reminding me how much I enjoy simple household sewing.

It occurs to me that even though I only took one class per semester, school has taken up a lot of time these past eight months. As much as I have enjoyed being so preoccupied with intellectual pursuits, the balance in my life demands a few months off to just play a bit too. With spring in the air (I could smell it this morning, flowering things must be at their critical mass when the air scent changes) I am amped for a summer of undisciplined pursuits of all kinds!

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