So many things add up…..

Yikes! Where have I been for seven days? Mostly decompressing from my school semester, I think. Not very interested in writing about anything much. But even so, I found myself waking at 6:30 in the morning on Sunday in the guestroom of a friend in Chilliwack (after a night of wine drinking, way too early), with a whole passel of new ideas for academic and non-fiction essays that I’m hoping to meld together for 1) A conference entitled “The Crisis of the Book” in Portland this October, and 2) My final grad school project which I have always conceived to be an essay collection, and now I think I’m settling on a topic.

So that’s exciting. More specifics on those projects shortly – as soon as I decide whether I want to saddle myself with that much writing, and nail down my thoughts a bit more firmly. Slippery thoughts!

At the moment I’m on a bit of a spring cleaning kick and have managed to clean out most of the kitchen cupboards and drawers, and am gleaning from the book shelves to get rid of the chaff (and so I have room for the books I actually want to keep). I’ve also been sewing, and hanging out with friends (in East Van and Chilliwack), and reading a lot. Oh! Plus, planning the Flying Folk Army Reunion show for May 5th (at the Prophouse on Venables Street, starting at 7).

So there’s a lot going on really, and I’m going to Victoria this weekend for a family visit too. I’m excited about defining a couple of formal writing projects in the near future, and also about playing music with my band again. It’s pretty good in this life right now, and I will be writing more here shortly.

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