Making in 2011.

Because 2011 was such an oddly productive year creatively – I wanted to gather all the things I’ve made in one place just to look at them all and admire my industry (not my handiwork, that’s a little lacking – but man I’ve been industrious!) Gathered into one place it turns out that I made at least 48 fabric or crochet items in 2011 – nearly one a week….. which of course necessitates a new goal for 2012… to actually do one creative project/item per week (at least).

My textile goals for 2012 include completing at least one crochet sweater, improving my dressmaking skills – in particular finishing techniques and lining – and incorporating more fabric off my printer into craft items like bags. I’m pretty excited about making more stuff in 2012 since this last year turned out to be so productive. Not only did I learn an incredible amount (sewing clothes and crochet are both new to me since April), but I have tapped into some lovely and inspiring online communities of DIY women making fab things. So without further ado – here is the 2011 Gallery of Making……

2 Comments on “Making in 2011.

  1. Amazing, Megan! When you see it all as one year’s collection of crafting and production, it is utterly inspiring.

  2. I know – it’s somewhat surprising to me too! Apparently if you just do stuff all the time, you get a lot done in a year 🙂

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