Design Notebook: Picnic Quilt

Some time ago I picked up a yard-and-a-half of vintagey plastic tablecloth material (you know the kind – vinyl on one side, batting-ish cloth on the backside). I had no idea what exactly I wanted to do with it, so it’s been hanging around the sewing room for a few months on a roll. Recently I picked up a set of pre-cut quilt squares in the same colour family – and realized that the combination would make the best picnic quilt. Waterproof on one side, soft fabric on the other! Today I laid the printed squares out in haphazard fashion and determined that I’ve got enough room to lay some cotton muslin strips in between the rows – about 26 inches worth of room if I want to use the whole piece of vinyl (which only makes sense because what am I going to do with leftover of this stuff?). Basically this means I need a yard of 54 inch wide muslin and 2 yards of 54 inch wide quilt batting in order to finish this project. In the meantime I’m going to figure out what order I want the printed squares in.

I’ll probably add rock pockets to the corners on the backside for holding things down…. a little more muslin for that and I’m not planning on binding this (hemming from the wrong side and then flipping it forward which also means I won’t be quilting the vinyl side either) which helps ease the amount of fabric in finishing.  I’m hoping this will be a fairly straightforward project to get started on this week.

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