Yarn! Spring! Skirt!

I just bought enough of the above colours for a crocheted spring skirt – part of yet another attempt to add more colour to my wardrobe – and also to learn to crochet garments beyond the cap and scarf sets I’ve worked my way up to over the last little while. While I normally buy my yarn at Baaad Anna’s, my neighbourhood yarn shop, I have to admit that for larger projects like a skirt (11 skeins of mercerized cotton in total), I tend towards Elann.com which is located close by in Point Roberts and has incredible prices. Previously I have bought yarn from them and received it by the next day – and they include all the correct BC taxes and stuff – which I also appreciate. Since the pattern I am using comes from the well-known book The Happy Hooker it is easy to find pictures of people’s projects online – here is my favourite online version of the skirt made in greens and here is the project on Ravelry.

I should actually be writing on Burke’s Philosophical Inquiry but this is such a good bit of procrastination I just had to share.

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