Ready for the holiday to begin….

I haven’t got much to say as we round out towards Christmas, except am I ever ready for holidays. Energy levels have been low this week, and post-cold, my sinuses are acting up again. I just need a few days of sleeping in and not having to rush around… which starts on Boxing Day for me since everything up until then looks something like – clean house, travel (surrey), eat, presents, sleep, travel (victoria), presents, eat, visit.  Between being blended family with split-time over the holiday, and the fact that B. and I have families on the island, there is a lot of running around that gets done at this time of year. At least this year B’s parents are coming down to Victoria to have dinner at my parents’ house.

From the tracking notice I got in my email this morning, it looks like my purple yarns will be here this afternoon – which also means that in addition to school reading, I will have a crochet project to take along during our travels. I’ve also been doing some cross-stitch again recently, and have a small redwork project in mind that might end up in my traveling bag. The sewing has really been at a lull recently, but I’m hoping that finishing up a sweater for a friend (just got it cut this morning before work) will inspire me back to the machine as the holiday passes. I have been feeling guilty about working on things for myself when a part of my feels that I should be working on things for other people: hence, working on nothing is the solution.

Christmas is such a weird time of year – so stressful and frenetic, which is the opposite of what you hope a holiday will be. I guess that the time in between Christmas and New Years is the real holiday…. I always grit my teeth until the 26th and only then do I feel the ability to relax. And I’m not even the one cooking a holiday dinner!

Anyhow, I’m not sure how much posting will happen here over the holidays, so I’ll just wish y’all a good season right now. The light is finally on its return, which means we’re through the darkest days once again!

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