The Dancing Girl

I had to take a schwack of advil this morning to deal with some sinus pain and that has left me without much to say this afternoon – so instead I present to you my favourite ornament on the festive branch: The Dancing Girl. I bought her for $3.75 at The Bay in 2007 to attach to the first present I ever gave Brian (a beautiful cloth-bound 1947 edition of Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman). She is hard plastic and a little heavy for the branch, but she has a long, fringey-skirt and there is something amazingly retro about her. It still seems a fluke to me that something so cool could have been for sale at The Bay. A little like how I ended up married to someone I met on Craigslist. Awesome and strange being hallmarks of my existence — the Dancing Girl is perhaps just emblematic.

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