Getting my gym on.

I am back at the gym this week for the first time in months and I can’t believe how good it feels to be moving and stretching my body again. Not that I’ve been doing nothing all summer – we did have a hiking trip and there’s been a bit of running about – but really, physical activity hasn’t been at the top of my list since I got sick last April.

While I (happily) haven’t put on any weight in this recent downtime, the psychological effects of not exercising have been increasingly apparent. Work has been getting me down more than normal, I’ve been unusually worried about my relationship, and my general confidence in being fit and healthy has all but been sapped… really, all the manifestations of low-level depression (Good god, not again).

Fortunately I have an excellent fitness center right around the corner (yay YWCA) which I absolutely *love* and it makes starting again really easy. Yesterday was an elliptical workout, today I went to a pilates class – lots of warming and stretching to undo all that inner tension that’s been building. I’m hoping to blend some yoga, pilates and cardio this fall to build up my stamina, core and flexibility before I decide whether or not I want to move back into high-intensity interval and weight-training workouts again.

It’s only been a couple of workouts and I can already feel the tension lifting, not to mention some flexibility returning to my lower spine. Perhaps some massages are in order this autumn as well – some gentle lifting of the body into a space where everything elevates, including my mood.


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